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It is the policy of Grady Brothers, Inc. to afford equal opportunity for employment to all individuals regardless of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. The Corporation is basically committed to this policy by our status as Federal Government contractors. We are more strongly bound to the policy by the fact that adherence to the principles involved is the only acceptable American way of life. Therefore this corporation will take affirmative action to ensure that we will (1) recruit, hire and promote all job classifications without regard to race, color, religion, sex or national origin., (2) base decisions on employment so as to further the principle of equal employment opportunity, (3) ensure that promotion decisions are in accord with principles of equal employment opportunity by imposing only valid requirements for promotional opportunities, ensure that all personnel actions such as compensation, benefits, transfers, layoff, return from layoff, Company sponsored training, education, tuition assistance, social and recreation programs will be administered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age and disability, Additionally Grady Brothers, Inc. intends full compliance with Handicapped and Veteran Affirmative action requirements.


The successful achievement of a nondiscriminatory employment program requires a maximum of cooperation between management and employees. In fulfilling itsí part in this cooperative effort, management is obliged to lead the way by establishing and implementing affirmative procedures and practices which will ensure our objective, namely equitable employment opportunity for all. Minority and female employees are encouraged to participate in all Company activities and refer applicants.


I have designated Sheila Cooper to direct the establishment of and to monitor the implantation of personnel procedures to guide our affirmative action program. This official is charged with designing and implementing audit and reporting systems that will keep management informed on a regular basis of the status of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action.


Supervision has been made to understand that their work performance is being evaluated on the basis of their equal employment opportunity efforts and results, as well as other criteria. It shall be responsibility of the supervisors to take actions to prevent harassment of employees placed through affirmative actions effort.


We submit the above play to comply with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, The Federal Highway Act of 1968, the Executive Order #11246 and #11375, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, the Disabled Veterans and Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Act of 1974, as amended, the Indiana Civil Rights Act and other Federal and State Laws and regulations pertaining to equality of Opportunities and Affirmative Action Policies.


Signature: Thomas M. Grady

Title: President

Date: May 20, 2003


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